Bernard Garo is selected for international art exhibition NordArt 2018

Following the 7th Beijing International Art Biennale, Garo will again represent Switzerland at the major european contemporary art exhibition NordArt 2018 (Hamburg, DE), which will take place from 09.06.2018 to 07.10. 2018

NordArt is one of the largest annual contemporary art shows in Europe, featuring selected artworks by more than 200 artists from 105 countries around the world. Living from the different perspectives of individual cultures, the exhibition also makes it clear that East and West, South and North share many common hopes and dreams.

NordArt 2018 – official flyer

Since 1999, painting, sculpture, photography and installation works are exhibited at the former steel foundry Carlshütte, in Büdeldorf near Hamburg. Two Swiss artists were chosen this year, for the 20th anniversary celebration of this major exhibition: the Swiss German Sculptor Urs-Peter Twellmann and the Swiss French painter Bernard Garo.

Caldeira, Bernard Garo’s largest painting, measuing 261 cm x 636 cm, will be presented at NordArt this summer. This represent an exceptional opportunity for Garo’s artwork to be showcased on the international scene of contemporary art. 

Discover below the presentation of Caldeira painting at NordArt 2018 vernissage, accompanied by Peter Hinrichs.

You can follow Bernard Garo on Facebook and Instagram to discover more pictures of Caldeira and get the latest news from the artist !

Bernard Garo in front of Cladeira at NordArt 2018



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