Artistic collaboration between China and Switzerland

Last December, Bernard Garo went to Beijing again for a residency of work. He has met some gallery and museum directors for some important projects in 2020. Yes, spring’s gonna be full of new exhibitions !

Previously, he was welcomed at the Embassy of Switzerland in Beijing for an inaugural ceremony given in his honour with 50 guests and 20 journalists. This event inaugurated the year of celebration of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Switzerland, which was one of the first countries to recognize Republic of China in 1950. Bernard Garo took part of a broadcast on this topic, and spoke about artistic collaboration between China and Switzerland – the broadcast is available on the web in China.

In addition, the Foundation for Peace and Development has edited a stamp with one of Bernard Garo’s paintings, as well as one of the Chinese artist Mr. Lv Jianfu. This stamp symbolises links between Switzerland and China. At the same time, Bernard also created with Mr. Lv Jianfu a common piece of art for a beautiful scarf to celebrate 70 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries (pictured below).



Bernard Garo has been developing relationships with China since the last 3 years, and promising opportunities are arising for 2020, with exceptional projects and exhibitions. Bernard loves the city of Xi’an for its current history but also for its past, its culture, its monuments and the archaeological treasures that are hidden there. He likes to feel the influence, to get enriched by Chinese culture and to give back with his own culture – which reminds him the age of the Silk Road. Check this link to listen to Bernard talking about this topic –VIDEO– by Beijing Information.

Since 2017, Bernard Garo has already exhibited twice at the most prestigious art museum of China in Beijing – last time in the heart of the exhibition between the most important Chinese artists. He also was able to exhibit at the Xi’an Art Museum in Xi’an and finally at the Just a Space gallery in Sanya, in the province of Hainan in the South of China. In March 2020 new exhibitions will start in China, stay tuned!

Bernard Garo thanks the entire team of the Swiss embassy and his excellency Mr. Reggazoni and his wife for their warm welcoming as well as the foundation of Peace and Development for their successful initiative. Bernard Garo was flattered to have been able to contribute to this remarkable artistic achievement and to continue such collaborations on behalf of Switzerland and peace.