Expositions à venir – Exhibitions are coming

Monte Rosa

Suite à mes tournées 2019 en Allemagne, Russie et Chine, je reviens exposer à Genève après plusieurs années d’absence. Intitulée  »Tout se dissout dans la lumière », cette exposition se tiendra à la galerie Russo-Yubero dans le quartier des Ports-Francs. Je me réjouis de partager avec mon public suisse mes nouvelles oeuvres 2020, qui sont monumentales et emblématiques de mon travail de réflexion sur l’écologie.  »Monte Rosa, Rendez-nous la beauté », en photo ci-dessus, est un appel à la beauté de nos paysages et à la prise de conscience de leur vulnérabilité face aux actions destructrices de l’Homme. Ces nouveaux tableaux évoquent également l’archi-puissance de ces éléments naturels, comme les montagnes et nos glaciers, et les dégâts que ces éléments peuvent entraîner lors de situation qui se gâtent naturellement ou du fait du dérèglement climatique.

Notre Terre est en mouvement permanent et en perpétuelle évolution comme nous, habitants de celle-ci. De ce fait, il est important de capter des instants privilégiés, comme une mémoire temporelle. Il est toujours dommage de gâcher ou de négliger des moments de grâce et de correspondance avec la nature en n’y prenant pas assez garde, pris dans le tourbillon du stress et de nos activités du quotidien. Le sujet est sur toutes les lèvres : agir pour l’avenir de notre humanité et la santé de notre planète terre.

Si nous n’agissons pas de manière concrète et cohérente dès maintenant, il y a de fortes chances que dans moins de 100 ans, nos glaciers suisses auront totalement disparus. Cependant, il est encore temps d’agir et de se mobiliser, ensemble, pour dire la vérité tout haut. Je pense profondément que l’art a le grand pouvoir de transmettre des messages forts. Mon combat et mes messages pour la cause de l’environnement continuent en 2020. Venez partager cette réflexion, réfléchir et ressentir des émotions nouvelles lors de mon exposition  »Tout se dissout dans la lumière ».

Ces nouvelles oeuvres sont à découvrir à Genève dès le 6 mars et jusqu’au 11 avril 2020. Le vernissage, ouvert au public, se tiendra le 5 mars à 18h00. Vous aurez également la chance de rencontrer le géologue Thierry Basset qui proposera un dialogue face à mes toiles le 12 mars. Enfin, le 2 avril, un concert In situ avec deux saxophonistes, Eric Ficher et Stefano Saccon, donnera la possibilité de s’immerger dans les oeuvres d’une façon inédite. A noter que le 6 avril, 4 toiles importantes quitteront l’exposition de Genève pour une grande exposition en Chine, qui débutera en milieu de mois.

Permettons-nous de rêver encore à cette beauté en voie de de nous être subtilisée.

Following my 2019 tours in Germany, Russia and China, I will return to exhibit in Geneva after several years of absence. This exhibition entitled  »Everything dissolves in the light » will be held at the Russo-Yubero gallery in the Ports-Francs district. It will be the occasion to reveal my new works 2020 to my Swiss public:  new monumental and emblematic works reflecting my thoughts about ecology.  »Monte Rosa, Give us back the beauty », first picture of the article, is a tribute to beauty of our landscapes and a warning about their vulnerability to the destructive actions of Humans. These new paintings also evoke the power of these natural elements, such as mountains and glaciers, and the damage these elements can cause in deteriorating conditions or climate-related disruption issues.

Our Earth is constantly moving and changing, just like us, Humans, are constantly changing. Therefore, it is important to capture special moments, such as a temporal memory. It is always a shame to waste or neglect moments of grace and correspondence with nature by not being careful enough, caught up in the whirlwind of stress and daily activities. The subject is on everyone’s lips: acting for the future of our humanity and the health of our planet earth !

If we don’t take concrete and consistent action now, there is a good chance that in less than 100 years our Swiss glaciers will have completely disappeared. However, there is still time to act and to get engaged, together, to tell the truth out loud. I deeply believe that art has the great power to convey strong messages. My fight and my messages for the cause of the environment will continue in 2020. Come and share this reflection, reflect and feel new emotions during my exhibition  »Everything dissolves in the light ».

These new works are to be discovered in Geneva from March 6 until April 11,2020. The vernissage is opend to public and will take place on March 5th at 6 pm. You will also have the chance to meet the geologist Thierry Basset who will propose a dialogue in front of my paintings on March 12th. Finally, on April 2nd, an In situ concert with two saxophonists will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in my works in a new way. Note that on April 6, four important paintings will leave the Geneva exhibition for a major exhibition about my work in China, which will begin in the middle of the month.

Let’s allow ourselves to dream again of this beauty that is being stolen from us.


Bernard Garo.

Artistic collaboration between China and Switzerland

Last December, Bernard Garo went to Beijing again for a residency of work. He has met some gallery and museum directors for some important projects in 2020. Yes, spring’s gonna be full of new exhibitions !

Previously, he was welcomed at the Embassy of Switzerland in Beijing for an inaugural ceremony given in his honour with 50 guests and 20 journalists. This event inaugurated the year of celebration of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Switzerland, which was one of the first countries to recognize Republic of China in 1950. Bernard Garo took part of a broadcast on this topic, and spoke about artistic collaboration between China and Switzerland – the broadcast is available on the web in China.

In addition, the Foundation for Peace and Development has edited a stamp with one of Bernard Garo’s paintings, as well as one of the Chinese artist Mr. Lv Jianfu. This stamp symbolises links between Switzerland and China. At the same time, Bernard also created with Mr. Lv Jianfu a common piece of art for a beautiful scarf to celebrate 70 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries (pictured below).



Bernard Garo has been developing relationships with China since the last 3 years, and promising opportunities are arising for 2020, with exceptional projects and exhibitions. Bernard loves the city of Xi’an for its current history but also for its past, its culture, its monuments and the archaeological treasures that are hidden there. He likes to feel the influence, to get enriched by Chinese culture and to give back with his own culture – which reminds him the age of the Silk Road. Check this link to listen to Bernard talking about this topic –VIDEO– by Beijing Information.

Since 2017, Bernard Garo has already exhibited twice at the most prestigious art museum of China in Beijing – last time in the heart of the exhibition between the most important Chinese artists. He also was able to exhibit at the Xi’an Art Museum in Xi’an and finally at the Just a Space gallery in Sanya, in the province of Hainan in the South of China. In March 2020 new exhibitions will start in China, stay tuned!

Bernard Garo thanks the entire team of the Swiss embassy and his excellency Mr. Reggazoni and his wife for their warm welcoming as well as the foundation of Peace and Development for their successful initiative. Bernard Garo was flattered to have been able to contribute to this remarkable artistic achievement and to continue such collaborations on behalf of Switzerland and peace.



8th Biennal of Contemporary Art at National Museum of China, Beijing 2019


‘’Fields of Geological Transition’’ presented at the National Museum of China in Beijing during the 8th Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2019.

This exhibition allowed him to meet the Chinese public again and to represent Switzerland abroad through his art. Bernard was fortunate to have his work exhibited in the Central Hall of the most prestigious National Art Museum of China. He was interview for severals locals programs. The event had more than 500,000 visitors. He does an important press conference for ecology at the symposium. Here a part of his speech :


 »I come from a very little country full of beautiful mountains, glaciers and lakes, like in the paradise.

Today we count 1400  glaciers but in less than hundred years, they might all disappear if nothing change with the climate evolution linked with human pollution.  What will happen, when we’ll have wasted our last drink water resources?

My lecture of the world is linked with the close environment in which I live.

I usually like to observe the elements, moving with the weather and the seasons.

I admire the beautiful color changes in different lights and moments of the day, on the lake and on the mountains, but always with the conscious of the great danger for who would go to brave them.

Today, I worry  for the future generations.

I have to confess, that I am shocked to see the quick evolution of the impact of the climate deregulation on my natural direct environment, increasing  the accidents in the mountains, because of unpredictable storms, avalanches, rocks falls, directly related with surprising erosion and unnatural heat, making melting the permafrost, creating torrents of mud pests.

The world will run to his ruin, If we do not all react together now, without differences between cultures and races.

The preservation of the beauty of our mother earth and its resources, is our main universal gift, and should be our principal actual preoccupation.

Contemporary Art is for that reason very important, because it can carry this hope, stimulate to think differently and  invite to move and make evolving some consciences. For that reason, I  try to make you feel in my  large scale paintings, my installations, videos and photographies,  our vulnerability in confrontation to the forces of the nature and it’s elements.

I  have analyzed the erosion all around the world but mainly in the Alps, the Ural and in China. I always search to observe the invisible movements and transformation of the colorful beauty of some treasures of the nature, with the time and also confronted to the human impact on it.

Also if my art is not only an image, it’s more a rhythm, a dynamic a structure, an energy, part of our unconscious natural human cultural heritage.

I do not care if I do photography, painting, an installation or a performance.

It should be an emotion out of any definition trial, a surprise, an innovation or a resistant act face to indifference.

It’s like a mirror of our society that concern firstly our memory, humanity environment, nature and changes.

I use only natural mineral sediments, asphalt or volcanic sand in my paintings, that I go taking by myself on cliffs or volcano craters, so that my art pieces take part in the history of the evolution of our earth.

It’s important for me, to open my field of perception by keeping always the unconsciousness perpetual movement and evolution in my mind, that concern as well how it was before and how it will be after a few millions of years.

To see  like this, through the elements, brings your art in an actuality and oblige you to stay sincere and create not only and aesthetic or decorative object, but a real strong piece of art with a deep philosophical meaning, and a touch of intense beauty with a lot of hope in its roots.

Art is an absolute that stimulate new solutions, more thoughts open to poetry and correspondences.

To be artists is to believe that you can participate in the changes of our world.

My art is born from this pure necessity, and I invite you to follow, by discovering my paintings and transversal conception of art, a poetic journey and reflexion, about the preservation of our beautiful nature and colorful world, and to dream at a better shared future trough the memory of our humanity to cultivate and trough concrete actions. »

Bernard Garo




5th Ural Industrial Biennal of Contemporary Art

Depts & Surfaces exhibition from 12th September to 10th November 2019 on the 5th Ural Industrial Biennal of Contemporary Art in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

This year, the biennal explores concepts of Immortality.

My project is based on an understandin g of two environments : Nature & Architecture through the processes of erosion and ruination.

The exhibition space are not always traditional sites but the main objects of the industrial culture of the city and the region : factories, production sites and monuments of constructivism. 

In addition to the main exhibition project, the Biennale offers visitors a rich educational program, attracting local museums and other institutions.

I present, an installation comprising an industrialized circle (picture) floating in space and developing the sensation of weightlessness through shadows and lights. Paper steles are on the sides of the work, which like evanescent imprints recall the surrounding nature.

Four main pieces of 196×196 cm will be presented during the event, among smaller works of 100x100cm. The official opening and press day will be on Wednesday September 11 at Sinara Center Art Gallery.

All the best, Bernard Garo



L’exposition ‘’Depts & Surfaces’’ du 12 septembre au 10 novembre 2019 se déroulera durant la 5ème Ural Industrial Biennale d’Art Contemporain à Ekaterinburg en Russie.

Cette année, la biennale explore les concepts de l’immortalité. 

Mon projet est basé sur la compréhension de deux élèments : La nature et l’architecture à travers le processus d’érosion et de ruine. 

Les sites d’expositions ne sont pas toujours classiques mais se trouvent dans des bâtiments industriels appartenant à la culture de la ville et de la région : Usines, sites de productions ou architecture constructiviste.

En supplément de l’exposition principale, la Biennale offre aux visiteurs, un riche programme éducatif, des musées locaux et autres institutions attractives.

Je présente, notamment, une installation spatiale comprenant un cercle industrialisé (photo) flottant dans l’espace et développant la sensation d’une apesanteur grâce aux ombres et à la lumières. Des stèles en papier se trouvent sur les côtés de l’oeuvre, qui comme des empreintes évanescentes rappellent la nature environnante de laquelle l’homme puise ses ressources mais qui à chaque fois reprend le dessus sur l’homme et son industrie à moins que nous brisions ce cycle.

Quatre pièces principales de 196×196 cm seront présentées durant l’événement, parmi de plus petites oeuvres de 100x100cm. La journée presse et le vernissage se tiendront le mercredi 11 septembre 2019 au Sinara Center Art Gallery.

Amicalement, Bernard Garo

NordArt 2019

After a fantastic and intense week of exhibition at the 2019’s NordArt art fair, I am back in the calmness of my studio, where I’d like to take a moment to share the experience with you.

For the 2nd consecutive year I’ve been invited to exhibit my work at the prestigious NordArt annual art fair. Taking place in Hamburg, Germany, this event gathers contemporary artists from all continents in a 22’000 m2 space where our art is given the space to resonate. Alongside 200 others artists, I was privileged to present my paintings in such an incredible setting and to represent my country as the only invited Swiss painter.


Above are my two monumental paintings and several pieces from other artists you could discover while wandering at NordArt. The place is vast, the light natural and the pieces from the different artists flow together. It’s a delight to walk around the exhibition and feel the mix of cultures and influences emerging of this place. What an incredible work of scenography from the curators.

Look at the crowd ! More than 5000 visitors were recorded. This is maybe what touched me the most. Art should not be restricted to a certain audience of experts, but to everybody ! Events like NordArt are exceptional because they too believe it and are working to showcase art as it should be. Once again, I’m thankful for being part of this year’s edition and I wish NordArd a bright future !


Best, Bernard Garo

A project I support: MonArt


Monart is an international Art selling platform of a new kind.
I am delighted to be part of the inner circle of this concept.

Designed as a complete ecosystem, engaged in artistic promotion and aiming at opening up the art market to all, Monart is betting on new technologies and the recent advances in cryptocurrencies by creating the first Blockchain based market place for artistic assets.

Monart won an ICO award at the Blockchain Day 2018 at the Paris Stock Exchange and has been quoted as a reference by the Forbes Magazine. It has gathered a team of experts in the fields of finance and art, which I’m a part of, to be recognized as a lead player and rejuvenate the art market in the digital era.

Thanks to my exhibitions in China and Switzerland, and thanks to my art books as well, I was among the first chosen artists of this project. I’ll be proudly representing Switzerland but also this innovating project as a whole as a promoter.

As an artist and thanks to my experience, I became a thrusted advisor, then a friend of the two co-founders: Pauline Houl (Beijin) and Malo Girod de L’ain (Paris).

Being nominated as a member of the Advisory Board and the selection committee, I’ll actively take part to the reflection and the strategic development of this platform.

Moreover, the Monart’s Swiss office is located in a space opened directly on my studio.

I invite you to visit MONART.ART to get familiar with this ambitious project and take part in the art market renewal.

Best, Bernard Garo

Monart est une plateforme de diffusion et de vente mondiale d’Art, d’un nouveau genre.
J’ai le plaisir de faire partie du premier cercle d’initiés de ce concept.

Conçue avant tout comme un écosystème complet, engagé dans la promotion artistique, visant à ouvrir le marché de l’art à tous, Monart mise sur les nouvelles technologies et le potentiel énorme offert par le développement récent des cryptomonnaies, en créant la première place de marché d’actifs artistiques, basée sur la technologie Blockchain.

Ayant remporté un ICO awards au Blockchain Day 2018 à la Bourse de Paris, cité en références dans la magazine Forbes, Monart s’est entouré d’experts des milieux financiers ainsi que du milieu artistique, dont je fais partie, pour réussir à s’imposer et venir renouveler le paysage du marché de l’art à l’heure du digital.

Suite à mes expositions muséales en Chine et en Suisse, ainsi qu’à mes livres d’art, j’ai été l’un des premiers artistes choisis, pour représenter la Suisse, mais aussi comme promoteur de cet innovant et beau projet.

En tant qu’artiste, ayant l’expérience du terrain, je suis devenu conseillé apprécié, puis ami des deux co-fondateurs; Pauline Houl (Pékin) et Malo Girod de L’ain (Paris).

Nommé membre de l’Advisory Board et de la commission de sélection, je participe aujourd’hui, avec conviction, à la réflexion et au développement stratégique de cette plateforme.

Par ailleurs le bureau Suisse de Monart est situé dans un espace adjacent, ouvert sur mon atelier.

Je vous invite à visiter MONART.ART pour en savoir plus sur cet ambitieux projet et prendre part au renouveau du marché de l’art !

Amicalement, Bernard Garo

A New Year, A New Beginning


The year 2018 is almost over, help me to complete the missing square by discovering with me this new work, which talks about of the slow and inexorable transformation of our land by erosion, in beautiful exhibitions in 2019.

Following the majestic projection of my photographs on the historic castle of my city, Nyon, through a film co-directed with a friend videographer, Marc Décosterd, I propose you to project new images of dreams on clouds, to carry our dreams of beauty, peace and happiness far further than we can, thanks to art, to broaden our horizons. Trust me, I will help you if you follow me to 2019.

One more drawing of mountain traces, could you tell me! But what a challenge to try to fix the ephemeral beauty of the retractions of glaciers, eroding ridges, transformed rocks that are under enormous pressure, the vibrations of the earth’s crust…As an attempt to memorize the breath of our moving land. 2019 will not be an exception. An eternal new beginning, but nothing is more beautiful than to accept the moment that precedes erasure, vulnerability and transform it into strength by working together on the memory of an ideal world and the preservation of our immaterial artistic heritage, the only trace that will remain of our humanity. Let’s recreate an ideal cosmogony!

I am waiting for you with enthusiasm to share with me this new world which is being created and especially, let’s not miss the change by preserving the past.

After walking on the wall from east to west from the desert to the sea following the Silk Road during this year 2018, I send you these few pictures so that you can imagine with me the continuation of the path to continue in 2019, off the beaten track, following the ridges, going from peaks to peaks to a new destination, a new work to create and share with you.

Best, Bernard Garo

L’ année 2018 est presque accomplie, aidez-moi à compléter le carré manquant pour venir découvrir ensemble cette nouvelle oeuvre, qui parle de la lente et inexorable transformation de notre terre par érosion, dans de très belles expositions en 2019.

Suite à la projection d’un film de mes oeuvres, co-réalisé avec mon ami Marc Décosterd, sur la grande façade du château historique de ma ville de Nyon, je vous propose de projeter de nouvelle images de rêves sur les nuages, pour transporter nos rêves de beauté, de paix et de bonheur, bien plus loin que nous le pouvons, grâce à l’art, pour élargir nos horizons. J’espère vous y aider en 2019!

Un dessin de plus de traces de montagnes, me direz-vous. Alors que c’est un défi immense de tenter de fixer l’éphémère beauté des rétractions de glaciers, des crêtes qui s’érodent, des roches transformées qui subissent d’énormes pressions, les vibrations de la croûte terrestre, comme pour mémoriser le souffle du mouvement de notre terre. 2019 ne sera pas exception. Un éternel recommencement, mais rien n’est plus beau que d’accepter l’instant qui précède l’effacement, la vulnérabilité et de la transformer en force en travaillant ensemble sur la mémoire d’un monde idéal et la préservation de notre patrimoine artistique immatériel, seule trace qui restera de notre humanité. Recréons une cosmogonie idéale!

Je vous attends avec enthousiasme pour partager avec moi ce nouveau monde qui est en train de se créer et surtout ne manquons pas le changement en préservant le passé.

Après avoir marché sur la muraille d’Est en Ouest, du désert jusqu’à la mer, en suivant la route de la soie durant cette année 2018, je vous invite à imaginer avec moi la suite du chemin à poursuivre en 2019, hors des sentiers battus, en suivant les crêtes, passant de cimes en cimes jusqu’à une nouvelle destination, une nouvelle oeuvre à créer et à partager avec vous.

Amicalement, Bernard Garo

The Great Wall of China – From one end to another

Extraordinary journey: I traveled The Great Wall of China from end to end!

Last July in a previous article, I mentioned my trip along the Great wild Wall. Now back from my art residency in China, I am pleased to share with you this extraordinary experience in more details – an important milestone for my artistic project « Memory of the geography of time ».

It was 6’000 kilometers of madness where I saw snakes, crossed very touristic places and isolated parts, restored and virgin walls where the vegetation took over.

With a small group of friends and a guide we made an expedition on the Great wild Wall. I started at the Jade Gate in the Taklamakan desert. A burning desert, an arid land with no vegetation and finished at the other end, where the wall meets the sea with Korea and Japan on the other side.

It was a difficult journey with hours of walking by 35 degrees Celsius or more. I do not dare to imagine the construction of this wall with the unevenness, the dense vegetation, the heat in summer and the cold in winter.

During this trip, I made an exceptional shooting in the mists and the wetness of a tropical and humid summer. Project with a stele (graphite imprint on paper) that I photograph around the world until its total destruction. Approach that I named « Memory of the geography of time », which reveals the vulnerability of the heritage of our humanity, of our memories, as of our lives.

This work on the Great Wall of China is a work on the topography of the land, the delimitation of ridges, the memory of a construction that leaves a trace in humanity forever.

This photographic concept will be presented in the future as part of a major exhibition.

You can follow my journey on the Great Wall of China on my Instagram IGTV Chanel.

Bernard Garo



Voyage extraordinaire : j’ai parcouru la muraille de Chine de bout en bout !

En juillet dernier, dans un précédent article, je vous parlais de mon voyage le long de la Grande Muraille sauvage. De retour de ma résidence en Chine, je suis heureux de partager avec vous cette expérience extraordinaire plus en détail – une étape importante pour mon projet artistique «Mémoire de la géographie du temps».

Ce fut 6’000 kilomètres de folie où j’ai vu des serpents, traversé des endroits très touristiques et des parties isolées, des murailles restaurées et des murailles vierges où la végétation a pris le dessus.

Avec un petit groupe d’amis et un guide nous avons fait une expédition sur la grande Muraille sauvage. J’ai commencé à la Porte de Jade dans le désert de Taklamakan. Un désert brulant, une terre aride avec aucune végétation et j’ai terminé à l’autre extrémité du mur, où la muraille rencontre la mer avec en face la Corée et le Japon.

Ce fut un parcours difficile avec des heures de marche par 35 degrés ou plus. Je n’ose pas imaginer la construction de cette muraille avec le dénivelé, la végétation dense, la chaleur en été et le froid en hiver.

Durant ce voyage, j’ai fait un shooting exceptionnel dans les brumes et la moiteur d’un été tropical et humide. Projet avec une stèle (empreinte en graphite sur papier) que je photographie dans le monde entier jusqu’à sa destruction totale. Démarche que j’ai nommé « Mémoire de la géographie du temps », qui révèle la vulnérabilité du patrimoine de notre humanité, de nos mémoires, comme de nos vies.

Ce travail sur la muraille de Chine est un travail sur la topographie du terrain, la délimitation des crêtes, la mémoire d’une construction qui laisse une trace dans l’humanité à toujours.

Ce concept photographique sera présenté dans le futur dans le cadre d’une grande exposition.

Vous pouvez suivre mon aventure sur la Grande Muraille de Chine sur ma chaîne IGTV Instagram.

Bernard Garo

Redefining the city with context, beyond the wall – Xi’an Art Museum (China)

This autumn I have the pleasure and opportunity to be exposed at the contemporary art exhibition « Redefining the city with context, beyond the wall » in the Xi’an Art Museum in China.

For this exhibition, I was invited to create and present a series of photographs on that specific theme. I extended a series started two years ago with new photographs made during my stay in China this summer.

This huge contemporary art exhibition is considered as the biggest made in Xi’an so far. The exhibition, made on multiple sites, including the Museum, invited 70 artists representative of the contemporary art from all over China, as well as foreign artists with big names in the domain of sculpture, installation and contemporary painting from Japan, Korea, Italy and among them, me.

The exhibition at the Xi’an Art Museum is large-scale. Critics and museum directors come from all over the world for this occasion. The exhibition organized in Xi’an is very important from the point of view of the representation with more than 70 artists invited and more than 5’000’000 followers.

It has been an unforgettable experience with beautiful encounters and exchanges that have enriched my perception of China and its contemporary creation.

Xi’an is the capital of Shaanxi Province with a population of 12 million inhabitants is one of the oldest cities in China. It is the starting point of the Silk Road and home of the Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

The exhibition is open until November 30th. Don’t miss it if your are in the region. It’s really impressive!


Beijing – impressions and emotions

I have been in Beijing for a while now, where I set up my studio. I live a totally unbridled and effervescent life on a disproportionate scale that I can no longer describe, because too many images and impressions jostle in my mind. This is a striking contrast compared to the pace of life I used to have in Switzerland; gigantism, incessant trepidation, kilometric distances and unimaginable time, fatigue, pollution, stifling heat, torrential rains, art and beauty, shift, monumental, kitsch or conservative, narrative and codified, virtuosity and quality, respect and tradition, education, tea ritual, warm welcome, strong and touching friendships, meetings and exchanges, visits, awakening senses, timeless discoveries, great wild wall, walking in virgin vegetation and snakes. Crossing the road risking my life, in a chaotic and rules-free traffic, which does not leave time for the regards, crazy and hyperactive city, but imposing a permanent uncertainty. Labor and efficiency, 24-hour schedules, a world that seems upside down compared to what I used to know, but which one is the reference?

 Bernard Garo


Voilà quelques temps que je me trouve à Pékin où j’ai établi mon atelier. Je vis une vie totalement débridée et effervescente a une échelle démesurée qui ne se raconte plus, car trop d’images et d’impressions se bousculent dans mon esprit. C’est en tous cas un contraste saisissant par rapport au rythme de la vie menée en Suisse ; gigantisme, trépidation incessante, distance en kilomètres et en temps inimaginables, fatigue, pollution, chaleur étouffante, pluies torrentielles, art et beauté, décalage, oeuvres archi-monumentales, kitsch ou conservatrices, narratives et codifiée, virtuosité et qualité, respect et tradition, éducation, rituel du thé, accueil chaleureux, amitiés fortes et touchantes, rencontres et échanges, visites, sens en éveil, découvertes hors du temps, grande muraille sauvage, marche dans la végétation vierge et serpents. Traverser la route en risquant sa vie, dans un trafic chaotique et sans règles, qui ne laisse pas le temps pour les égards, ville folle et hyperactive, mais imposant une incertitude permanente. Labeur et efficacité, horaires sur 24h, un monde à l’envers par rapport à un autre à l’endroit, mais lequel est-il vraiment à l’endroit ?

Bernard Garo